Letter from the Editors Issue 5

The editors are very excited to announce the 5th issue of the Canon Translation Review, entitled “Marginalized Voices.”  As demonstrated by America’s recent political transition, many people feel that they have been discriminated against, ignored, and overlooked.  In response to these sentiments, this edition of the Canon Translation Review aims to give people from all countries, identities, and ethnicities a voice through translation.  Translation is key in expressing the struggles and concerns of those who have fought for societal progression because there are important writers from different time periods around the world.


The translation of identities and emotions is particularly difficult due to cultural differences perpetrated by language.  Therefore, the 5th edition of Canon is one of the most challenging for both contributors and editors.  Many pieces include enduring themes that have been relevant across cultures and time periods, especially issues regarding gender equality.


This year, the editors present the fifth issue of the Canon Translation Review.  We hope that you appreciate the variety of pieces from different cultures and languages across the world, and that we can promote respect for others through the field of translation.
Thanks for reading,

Alex and Anjali

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