He Who Weeps Goes Not Alone

By Rosalía de Castro

Translated by Anjali Sundar


He who weeps goes not alone,

I yearn for my tears to keep flowing!

A single grief can take over one’s soul,

While a single bliss is never enough.


As Destiny’s toy, an insignificant matter,

I wander, sad and lost;

But I carry everything with me:

Carrying my pain, seeking company.


About the Author: 

No va solo el que llora (He Who Weeps Goes Not Alone), a poem written by Rosalía de Castro, expresses the writer’s need to find solace in her sorrow through the company of others. Rosalía de Castro’s work was very significant during the Galician Romantic movement. Much of her poetry contains elements of sorrow, need, and loneliness. I seek to keep such elements stable in the process of my translation, while altering the phrasing to speak to humanity through a single marginalized voice, deep in sadness. With the modern reader in mind, I uncover the surprisingly uplifting nature of the poem’s hidden theme: a human desire to share one another’s blessings in order to overcome the constant struggles faced in one’s life.


About the Translator: 

Anjali Sundar is a senior in the Honors College of Literature, Sciences, and the Arts. She wrote an Honors Thesis in Comparative Literature upon graduation, analyzing the linguistic barriers facing Spanish-speaking immigrants seeking healthcare. With plans to enroll in medical school in the fall, Anjali is enjoying a summer filled with reading good books, discovering new music, and spending lots of time with family.

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