Welcome to the University of Michigan Undergraduate Comparative Literature Association’s magazine Canon Translation Review. Recently, the translation program at the University of Michigan has brought together a vibrant community of students, interested in both the theory and practice of translation. Here is our work.

Canon Translation Review is the University of Michigan’s online literary magazine dedicated to promoting and publishing undergraduate and graduate translation. Although we are based within the Comparative Literature department, we hope to draw students from all areas of the university.

The creation of an established undergraduate translation workshop at the University of Michigan during the 2009-2010 school year offered many students a welcome alternative to their usual foreign language classes. The Department of Comparative Literature provided (and will continue providing) the opportunity each semester for students to work creatively with languages, instead of merely within the confines of analysis. This is not to say that the workshop lacked critical thinking, but rather that it asked students to consider the aesthetics of the text, as well as the theory behind translation. Students learned to collaborate with one another, while they also grappled with the texts of leading theorists, including Venuti, Maier, Derrida, and Spivak. Many of the translations in this review have come from that first workshop, an experience that inspired many.