The Undergraduate Association for Comparative Literature is dedicated to providing a community for undergraduates in which they can explore critical theory, attend coffee hours with professors, create the online translation magazine Canon, schedule foreign movie nights, and get to know both undergraduate and graduate students in the program here at the University of Michigan.

If you are a UM student and would like to join our ranks, simply attend any of our meetings. Please direct all inquiries and proposals to Megan Berkobien at

The University of Michigan Comparative Literature Program: In existence since 1937, the Department of Comparative Literature is one of the oldest and best established centers for the study of comparative literature in the country. The interests of our faculty and students encompass the most innovative areas of study in the humanities today. The expertise of our faculty crosses and interlocks, creating not one but many overlapping patterns that collectively constitute a distinctive identity for the department, both at Michigan and nationally. Our faculty are both specialists and explorers of problems; our classes, too, tend to focus on broad, transhistorical issues such as reading, translation, and value rather than on questions bound by chronology, language, culture, or method. Comparative Literature has also become a magnet for innovative teaching, a place where experiments in pedagogy and learning beyond recognized disciplinary walls are encouraged.

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Upcoming Events

This fall ushers in the Translation Theme Semester here at the University of Michigan. Check out the website for updates on events!

The Canon Translation Review second issue release party is this upcoming Monday, October 1st, at 7pm in space 2435 North Quad. View the flyer here!